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Alumni Help Needed in Finding Employment for Graduates

In an effort to better connect USAO graduates with available employment, the USAO offices of alumni development and career services are teaming up to offer new employment programs.

 “We are not completely sure what this partnership will look like or what services we will offer,” said Eric Feuerborn, director of alumni development. “We do know that we need the help of our alumni across the country.”

Feuerborn said the offices are compiling a list of OCW, OCLA and USAO graduates who can assist in the program. “We need alumni who recruit for their companies, those who know of employment openings and those who provide employment training and support. We need alumni to hire, mentor and train our graduates. Since we don’t necessarily know the entire scope of this program, anyone with employment expertise would be encouraged to contact us.”

In addition, the group plans to use online tools to connect graduates with employment opportunities. “Our goal is to support the services already offered by the career services office. Our alumni are a great source of information and we want to take full advantage of their knowledge. They know the advantages of a liberal arts education and know the product the college produces.”

Employers, trainers, recruiters and anyone interested in helping with the project should visit Feuerborn in the alumni development office at or at 405.574.1320.